Tax Advice and Litigation

In the area of ​​tax litigation, our attorneys combine professional knowledge with applicable law.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in tax litigation. We understand the business context that generates tax issues and we have years of experience in proceedings in which tax disputes arise and are subsequently resolved.

Almost every tax case can be resolved at the administrative level. However, obtaining the best results at such a level requires skill and experience to:

  • Identify the material facts and understand them in their financial and business context;
  • Develop legal arguments for facts supported by evidence;
  • Formulate an objective defense, so that the correct arguments are properly supported;
  • Prepare to go to Court, if necessary, with factual issues that have already been resolved.

Our firm also excels in counseling clients on the recovery of taxes and tax incentives.

Our tax practice focuses on resolving disputes with an emphasis on:

  • Aspects of the litigation process, including supervision;
  • Activities with the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil: supervision and litigation;
  • Judicial litigation before the Federal Courts and State Courts;
  • Consulting on Criminal Tax Law, in association with clients’ defense attorneys;
  • Litigation involving federal, state and municipal taxes.

Our intervention in succession planning adds value in situations involving complex interactions between typical succession planning issues and business and family imperatives. We always aim to develop a complete plan that reconciles personal, tax and business issues.

We have experience in the areas of estate planning and taxation, tax planning for donations and asset transfers.


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